What Your Mother Never Told You - Finally A Book Written About Our Daughters  
What Your Mother Never Told You - Finally A Book Written For Our DaughtersBook About Protecting TeensBook About Protecting TeensRichard DudumRichard DudumRichard DudumRichard DudumRichard Dudum

Table of Contents

Letter to Teenage Girls
Letter to Parents, Caregivers, and Counselors

Perceptions and Communication Skills

1. How Will You Be Remembered After High School?
2. Words and Actions
3. Body Language
4. Trust, Honesty, and Lies
5. Never Assume
6. Listen Closely and Don't Be Impressed By a Title
7. Beware of Opinions

Who You Are and What Makes You Tick

8. What Kind of Soil Are You?
9. Figure Out Who You Are...NOT
10. Mean Girls
11. It's Not Just Peer Pressure
12. Change Friends When It's Time
13. Confidence and Self-Esteem
14. Change Your Attitude...Change Your Life
15. Why Do I Feel So Bad?
16. What Do Boys Really Think About Who You Are?
17. Don't Dress or Act Like a Ho
18. Respect Yourself

Your Parents

19. You Didn't Enter This World with a How-To Manual
20. I Don't Like My Parents' Behavior
21. Stereotypes
22. Just Do Your Best
23. Pick Your Fights
24. How to Tell Your Parents

How To Handle Yourself

25. Trust Your Stomach
26. The Most Important Word in the Dictionary is "NO"
27. Always Have a Game Plan
28. Get Up and Leave
29. Let's Teach You How to Drink
30. Watch Your Back
31. Unwanted Attention
32. Gossip
33. Disrespectful Boys/Girls and Boyfriends
34. Easy or Hard

Sex, Alcohol, and Drugs

35. Sex, Alcohol, and Drugs - Do You Need Them?
36. Statistics
37. Drugs, Alcohol, and Your Body
38. Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Rape
39. The Gray Area
40. Learn the Lesson, Grieve, Forgive Yourself, and Move Forward

The Media Hype

41. Facebook, Email, Webcams
42. Sex and Porn in the Media and Internet

Manipulative Boys

43. "You're Special" - That's Bullshit!
44. You Don't Owe Him Jack

Relationships and Sex

45. What Will You Get by Giving a Blow Job or Having Anal Sex?
46. Why Are You Rushing to Have Sex?
47. Think Before the Morning After
48. Sex Is Often the Beginning of the End


49. Free Will
50. Alcohol is No Excuse for Bad Decisions
51. You Dodged a Bullet...This Time
52. Girls Have All the Power Over Boys
53. Wrong Place, Wrong Time
54. After Midnight
55. Don't Just Stand By and Watch...Do Something
56. How to Help a Friend in Need

Hang In There and Go For It

57. Opportunities
58. The Graduating Boyfriend
59. Love
60. Adjust
61. This Book Is a Downer and Is Killing My Social Life
62. You Have a Blank Page
63. Allow Yourself to Be a Teenager

Closing Thoughts
Appendix A Specific Drug Details
Appendix B Sexual Assault - Steps to Take
Appendix C Signs to Watch For
Appendix D A Friend in Need
Appendix E Take Some Time

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What Your Mother Never Told You: A Survival Guide for Teenage Girls by Richard M. Dudum

What Your Mother Never Told You uses contemporary teenage terminology with clever memorable phrases, tools, and strategies to empower teenagers to be responsible for their decisions and actions.

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