What Your Mother Never Told You - Finally A Book Written For Our Daughters  
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About the Author

Richard Dudum

Book for teenage girlsLet me introduce myself. I am a San Francisco trial attorney, a realtor, a musician, a summer camp director, and a cancer survivor. I am also a husband, and the father of two sons and two daughters.

The best part of my life has been the past thirty-two years working with hundreds of teenagers and young adults, including my own children. I've tried to provide tools to help them successfully communicate and navigate through the turbulent teenage years. I've seen both the success and failure of my efforts. My successes keep me going; my failures keep me trying.

Over the years, I've seen the same issues hurt so many girls so many times that I decided to write down my insights, thoughts, and advice. I hope you enjoy What Your Mother Never Told You.

Press Coverage

What Your Mother Never Told You: A Survival Guide for Teenage Girls by Richard M. Dudum

What Your Mother Never Told You uses contemporary teenage terminology with clever memorable phrases, tools, and strategies to empower teenagers to be responsible for their decisions and actions.

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