What Your Mother Never Told You - Finally A Book Written For Our Daughters  
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About the Book

What Your Mother Never Told You was written to help teenage girls anticipate issues and to provide strategies to address those issues. What Your Mother Never Told You is not like other teenage girl books. The strategies and techniques help the girls with real issues, problems, depression, self respect and empowerment. The book is truly a survival guide for the girls as well an excellent tool to sharpen our parenting skills.

Our daughters are vulnerable when they are introduced to the real world without being adequately prepared. They are curious, playful, intelligent, and beautiful. They look and often act much older than their age. They are getting the wrong kind of attention much earlier than they should. They will find themselves in difficult situations that will test them over and over again. My efforts are focused on helping the girls to grow, to be strong, and to successfully deal with the realities that confront them today.

Give your teen advice to help her succeed. This book will help our teens better understand the problems surrounding all teenage girls including: parenting (father daughter and mother daughter issues), relationships, dating, change, transitioning to adulthood, and self esteem, all of which will help her take control, problem solve and make more thoughtful decisions when addressing questions that come her way. What Your Mother Never Told you is among the best teenage girl books, is unlike all other books for teenage girls, and has repeatedly climbed the Amazon charts in the category of Education Theory Decision Making and Problem Solving.

Over the years, I've taken the time to listen to teenagers and young adults, and I understand what they say. I've taught them communication skills and common sense strategies that are in this book. I offer them to you in What Your Mother Never Told You.

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Book About Protecting Teens

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Book About Protecting Teens
What Your Mother Never Told You: A Survival Guide for Teenage Girls
by Richard M. Dudum

What Your Mother Never Told You uses contemporary teenage terminology with clever memorable phrases, tools, and strategies to empower teenagers to be responsible for their decisions and actions.

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